Fall 2019 Plant Science Seminar Series

July 23, 2019

Fall 2019

Except where otherwise indicated, seminars will be held Thursdays at 4 pm in PLS 1140. If you are interested in meeting with any of the speakers, please notify the host faculty member. 


Guest Speaker:

Presentation Title



September 12Sally AssmanRNA Structurome Control of Gene Expression during Plant Abiotic Stress ResponsePennsylvania State UniversityWendy Peer and Angus Murphy
September 19Ying GuRegulation of Cellulose Synthesis through Endocytosis and ExocytosisPennsylvania State UniversityYiping Qi
September 26Patrick ShihDissecting and Reconstructing Plant Metabolism with Synthetic Biology
UC-DavisYiping Qi

October 3

Wayne Jurick Refereeing the postharvest food fight between Penicillium spp. and apple fruit via multi-omic approaches USDA Beltsville Mengjun Hu
October 10TBA