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Plant Science & Landscape Architecture

Academic Programs

We offer programs of study in:

  • Agricultural Science & Technology- Agronomy or Environmental Horticulture, Agricultural Education
  • Landscape Architecture
  • Plant Science- Plant Biology, & Management Programs: Turf & Golf Course Management, Urban Forestry, and Landscape Management (minor)

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Agricultural Science & Technology (AGST)- In this program we teach all the principles of agronomy with a unique emphasis on mixed agriculture, integrated pest management, and environmental stewardship.

Students may choose between a specialization in Agronomy or Environmental Horticulture

We also have a dual major or integrated Masters path in Agricultural Education for all those who are interested!

Landscape Architecture (LARC, Undergraduate and Graduate studies)- Do you want to lead, educate, and participate in the careful stewardship, wise planning, and artful design of our built and natural environments? Landscape Architecture may be for you!

Plant Science (PLSC, Undergraduate and Graduate Studies)- If you are interested in Plant Biology (plant pathology, plant ecology, and plant physiology/ development) the Plant Science major is for you! The Plant Science major is also home to our Management programs: Turf/Golf Course ManagementUrban Forestry, and Landscape Management.

Our majors have concentrations or specializations that are likely to fit your interests!

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