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Urban Forestry

Urban Forestry, provides the experience and skills necessary to manage urban trees and forests and enhance urban sustainability.

Urban Forestry, provides the experience and skills necessary to manage urban trees and forests and enhance urban sustainability.  This program stresses tree biology, forest ecology and forest assessment and management tools and prepares students for careers with municipalities or government agencies as well as private industry such as power companies and the tree-care industry.

Why Study Urban Forestry?

  • Because you believe that a sustainable urban tree canopy can reduce the carbon footprint of cities and slow global warming
  • Because you want to lower energy use in city buildings and homes through proper tree selection and maintenance
  • Because you care about protecting our waterways from excessive storm water run-off by replacing paved surfaces with plants and trees
  • Because you have a vision of keeping the lights and heat on after a hurricane or winter storm through your planning and management of urban trees
  • Because you can be a leader in making our urban areas more beautiful, functional and sustainable by “Embracing the Impossible” in the Urban Forestry Program

Areas of Interest

  • Urban tree and forest management
  • Greenspace tree canopy design and management
  • Urban Forest health


The required coursework is multi-disciplinary and highly diverse to expose students to the wide range of skills and technology used by today's urban foresters.  Courses build a basic foundation in biology as well as applied courses in business management.  Students learn about all aspects of urban forestry and synthesize their knowledge in a capstone urban forest management project.

Career Opportunities

  • Consultants for urban forest management and tree care
  • Urban foresters and land managers with federal, state, and local jurisdictions
  • Managers and corporate administrators of urban tree care companies
  • Policy makers for government and private organizations
  • Researchers investigating the ecology of urban forests

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Dr. Joseph Sullivan
Associate Dean & Professor

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